Piña Barware 550mL / 18oz Handcut Mixing Glass - 4-Pack Commercial Bar Pack

  • BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED – The side walls are artfully cut by hand with a design featuring a subtle homage to the pineapple. The wall design also includes four conveniently placed finger holds for easy pouring.
  • SEAMLESS WALLS – While many mixing glasses are machine made with seams, the Piña Hand Cut Mixing Glass is made with seamless walls for smooth stirring and durable performance.
  • EASY TO USE – Despite the larger capacity, the mouth of the mixing glass is sized to work flawlessly with all Piña strainers, including hawthorne and julep-style strainers.
  • 550ml/18 Oz CAPACITY – This mixing glass is intended for mixing between 1-3 cocktails at once.
  • HAND WASH ONLY – The hand-cut mixing glasses are made from temperature sensitive glass, and should be washed using cool water and should not be exposed to significant fluctuation in temperature.
  • CRACK REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE - Even under the best circumstances, glassware in commercial settings sometimes takes more of a beating than it can handle. We understand this reality, so we offer a replacement guarantee for our mixing glasses. We will be happy to send a replacement at any time if you experience damage during regular use. 

The Piña Barware Hand Cut Mixing Glass is a professional cocktail mixing glass intended for professional bartenders working in commercial restaurants and bars. It is beautifully crafted with a hand cut, seamless wall design, and is intended for mixing between one to three cocktails at one time. The glass measures 5.5 inches high by 3.5 inches wide and has a 3.25 inch opening for strainers.