The Piña Totem - Customizable Cocktail Spoon, 40cm/16" Twisted Handle

  • 40cm/16" Spoon with 33cm Twisted Style Handle
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN The Piña Totem offers you multiple bartending tools in the form of one perfect barspoon
  • MAXIMUM DURABILITY Made from pure 304 stainless steel, the Totem and its accessories are built to last for a career behind the bar
  • A PERFECT MATCH All of Piña Barware’s official Totem accessories are designed to work flawlessly with the full product line
  • THE ELEGANCE OF CHOICE Choose either a traditional twisted or modern smooth handle, depending on your own style
  • A COMPLETE TOOL Every Piña Totem ships with a spoon accessory, teardrop accessory, and two Piña wrenches to get up and running right out of the package

    The Piña Totem is the professional bartender’s multitool. Instead of buying countless different bar spoons, each with a different permanently-welded accessory, we’ve developed this patent-pending alternative to the norm. With many different accessory options, the Totem system allows you to customize your tools according to your needs, not the other way around. Our constantly-expanding lineup of Totem accessories continues to grow and offer new tools and options to help you expand and grow your capabilities as a pro. 

    Attention: To prevent unintentional disconnection of accessories, be sure to check both sides of your Totem before each shift and tighten as needed. Each Piña Totem ships with two wrenches and an instruction card indicating best practice to keep your tool in top full-time, commercial-use shape.