Piña Totem Accessory Only - Hand-Cast Pineapple

  • CREATED BY HAND Each Pineapple is cast by hand from zinc alloy and individually finished prior to chrome plating for a truly unique product

  • THE ELEGANCE OF CHOICE This hospitality-themed Pineapple offers a 40g weighted choice for your Piña Totem to balance out your mixing tool, based on your preference and typical cocktail viscosity

  • PRACTICAL DESIGN The Piña Totem system offers you multiple bartending tools in the form of one perfect barspoon

  • MAXIMUM DURABILITY Made from hand-cast, plated zinc alloy, this accessory and the entire Totem system are built specifically for professionals behind the bar

  • A PERFECT MATCH All of Piña Barware’s official Totem accessories are designed to work flawlessly with the full product line