The Hawthorne - 6-Pack Commercial Bar Pack, Brushed Finish

  • BUILT FOR PROFESSIONALS - Made to stand up to many years of heavy commercial use.

  • PRACTICAL DESIGN - Created with engineered tolerances to lock into place in two positions for perfect straining. The Hawthorne Strainer now includes a built-in stainless steel loop for easy hanging and storage.

  • MAXIMUM DURABILITY - Made from the highest quality 100% stainless steel and fully dishwasher safe.

  • BEAUTIFUL CONSTRUCTION - Choose mirror polished or brushed finish stainless steel to match our entire line of professional barware.

Piña Barware's hawthorne-style strainer was designed from the ground up for professional use. Designed for professionals, by professional, the Piña strainer includes several features that make it perfect for working bartenders. 

TIGHTER COIL With a tighter coil, the Piña strainer effectively strains your cocktail from many types of shaking and mixing containers by blocking smaller ice and sediment than most others on the market. 

LOCKING HANDLE The hawthorne-style strainer is designed to strain cocktails in two positions: with an "open gate" for non-sediment cocktails, and with a "closed gate" for cocktails with small elements that are unwanted for the final cocktail such as herbs or citrus. When used in combination with our boston shaking tins, the Piña strainer sits solidly on its handle in the "open gate" position, taking the guess work out of the straining gap. To close the gate, simply bump the handle down to compress the coil. 

SIMPLE DESIGN With a simple two-piece construction, the Piña strainer allows quick and efficient cleaning by easily removing the stainless steel coil.