The Slim Jigger - 6-Pack Commercial Bar Pack, Brushed Finish


UPDATED DESIGN FOR 2024! • The Piña Slim Jigger now includes an additional 1 oz. measurement line on the 2 oz. side for even more convenience.

Mid-century inspired design, with modern commercial practicality. Built with pure 304 Stainless Steel for ultimate durability, the Piña Barware Slim Jigger combines the even balance of a tall measuring tool with an increased number of precision markings necessary for working bartenders.

  • Built For Professionals. Made to stand up to many years of heavy commercial use.

  • Practical Design. Perfectly balanced with clear and precise measurement markings at .25, .5, .75, 1, 1.5, and 2 oz. Includes full-circle interior markings and exterior markings on both sides of the jigger.

  • Maximum Durability. Made from the highest quality brushed-finish 100% stainless steel and fully dishwasher safe.

  • Beautiful Construction. Its brushed stainless steel finish blends seamlessly with nearly any home or commercial bar.