Seamless Porcelain Mixing Glass – 600mL / 20oz Blue Willow Pattern

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  • TRADITIONALLY CRAFTED – Our all-new porcelain mixing vessel is molded from opaque white ceramic. Choose between the classic pattern of hospitality – the pineapple, or the traditional “Blue Willow” story-telling pattern.
  • SEAMLESS WALLS – While many mixing vessels made from glass are machine made with seams, our Porcelain Mixing Glass is made with seamless walls for smooth stirring and long-term durability.
  • EASY TO USE – The mouth of the mixing glass is sized to work flawlessly with all Piña strainers, including all of our hawthorne and julep-style strainers.
  • 600ml/20 Oz CAPACITY – This mixing glass is intended for mixing between 1-4 cocktails at once.

The Piña Barware Porcelain Mixing Glass is a professional cocktail mixing glass intended for professional bartenders working in commercial restaurants and bars. It is beautifully crafted from opaque white ceramic and is intended for mixing between one to four cocktails at a time. Each glass carries the traditional “Blue Willow” pattern, a classic ceramic pattern featuring intricate blue designs depicting a romantic Chinese landscape with willow trees, bridges, and temples, symbolizing enduring love and resilience.