There's barware. And then there's Piña.

There's practically an endless number of options out there when it comes to bar tending tools. You can find cocktail shakers strewn about many department store clearance racks and jiggers of all shapes and sizes lining the digital shelves of any home-goods website. On the other side, you might have come across a boutique company or two offering "curated" products from "around the globe"... with a price to match. But how does any of that help you make a cocktail?

 The pineapple has long been an international symbol of hospitality. As the most prominent ambassadors to the hospitality industry, professional bartenders demand the highest quality tools that consistently deliver the best results. Built specifically for use in the commercial service industry, our products are intended for one thing only: making the best cocktails in every setting with zero frills or gimmicks. From the multitude of options, we're working hard to become the name you trust.


Our products are designed to just work. Each piece in our lineup was developed by industry pros with unique features and functionality, then tested in every environment we could think of. Piña's bar equipment allows professionals to focus on their craft, not on their tools.  



Built with only the highest quality materials, our full product lineup is made specifically with industry professionals and every day use in mind. Even in the harshest industry settings, our products stand up to the challenge every single time. 


Priced for the Industry.

A bit of stainless steel and a quick polishing job can't cost all that much, right? Well, that's not completely true, but we've worked hard to price our lineup so that you can get the tools you need at prices that just make sense. 

Quality you can count on. Period. 


When it comes to quality bar tools, each tool is designed for a different task and therefore has different critical features to look for. For example, our founder's line is made with the highest grade 304 stainless steel available and our cocktail smoking kits use wood harvested by hand in Northern Maine, USA. However, it's not simply the material that is important, it's also the construction and design of the individual tools. We designed and tested each of our tools hand-in-hand with working bartenders, and were the first team to bring many new innovations to the industry such as full-circle 360-degree welding for Boston Tin weight caps, and full-length handles for julep-style strainers. 

Our Founder's Tins, made with 304 Stainless Steel,  are 40% heavier than the industry standard for better balance and unmatched durability. 

Why ship from our already-overflowing garage when Amazon can ship directly to you from dozens of theirs?


Early on, we decided that we'd much rather spend our time making cocktails than stacking countless boxes and printing an endless string of shipping labels, so we began working with Amazon to stock, pack, and ship our products directly to customers. With 24-hour customer support and hassle-free returns, we think you'll agree that the folks at Amazon have a really good thing going. All of our products are eligible for Prime Shipping, which means Amazon Prime members can receive free two-day shipping for our products to anywhere in the U.S.

Alternatively, all of our products are available to order right here on our website. If you're interested in wholesale, custom, or a bulk quantity of any of our products, simply drop us a line on our contact page